The team leader is to create a new wiki page and name it Pioneer Online Library. Name each section inside of the groups wiki page the database. Use the Horizontal Rule to separate each database (it is the icon button that sits next to the bullet icon button on your wiki page; you will need to be in edit mode).

Go to Pioneer Online Library
To access the K-12 Pioneer Library from home:
Go to:
Login Name: pioneer
Password: friend

Each group is to spotlight a database
CultureGrams, Library of Congress
Learning Express, eMedia, Soundzabound, eThemes
SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Issues Researcher
World Book Encyclopedia, Mountain West Digital Library
Searchasaurus (inside of Ebsco) and Preschool Pioneer
Thinkfinity, ThinkQuest

Spend time browsing through the Pioneer databases you have been given.

Create a wiki page name the page Pioneer Online Library and name each section based on your teams database. Set the wiki page up for others to learn about the database. Use information, examples, websites, images, etc...

Each team will present their findings and use the wiki page for demonstration purposes.

Questions to use and as a team add to this list
1. What kind of information does this site contain? Provide a summary of the database, the purpose and how it may be used by teachers and by students.

2. Explain how a teacher and student would navigate inside the database?

3. What is the quality of the information and how current is it?

4. Identify from the database items that are related to a common theme or topic and that can be used in a lesson. Write out your findings and add the web site to your wiki page along with the lesson.

5. Provide 3 different learning activities you would use to engage students, explain how each will engage students.

6. Each database should have images, websites, and other items supporting the information. This wiki page should inform students, parents and teachers what they will find in the database(s) and why they are great to use and how they would use them.

When you have completed this assignment submit the team wiki URL address to Canvas

Due 10-11-11