Wordle: Video Discussion Paper

Creating a Wordle

Tutorial in Completing a Wordle

Wordle Tutorial


  1. Wordle – (http://www.wordle.net)
  2. Tagxedo - (http://www.tagxedo.com/)
  3. ABC Ya - (http://www.abcya.com/word_clouds.htm)
  4. Tagul - (http://tagul.com/)
  5. Word It Out (http://worditout.com/)
  6. Tag Crowd (http://tagcrowd.com/)
  7. Wordsift - (http://www.wordsift.com/
  8. Make Word Mosiac – (http://www.imagechef.com/ic/word_mosaic/
  9. VocabGrabber – (http://www.visualthesaurus.com/vocabgrabber/)
  10. TagCloudGenerator – (http://www.tag-cloud.de/)
  11. TagCloud - (http://www.tagcloud.com)
  12. Tag Galaxy - (http://taggalaxy.de/)

What to Do

1. View the Word Cloud Presentation found on the class Wiki page

2. Create 2 worldles: 1 from your Technology Beliefs Reflection Paper and create another Wordle about yourself.
3. Next class session we will save the Wordle to your flash drive, upload them to your All About Me wiki page. There is a tutorial on the class wiki page

4. You are more than welcome to create other Wordles so you will become familiar with the program. Don't forget to use the same name in the Username section on the menu when you Save your wordle to the Public Gallery (see the tutorial).

5. On the class wiki page there are several other Word Cloud programs to use and play around with. Find one you like (NOT the Tag Galaxy) and create a Word Cloud of whatever you like. For example your philosophy of eduction, create one using a paper from another class, a poem you wrote or one you found and love, a description of an item, tool or object, a book, children's book, song, etc... Be creative as you possibly can.
7. For the next class (9-27-11) session we will upload them to your wiki page. Don't forget to save them.