Create an Art Show using PowerPoint demonstrating your photography skills and editing techniques. The following are the steps:

1.Title Slide, use a catchy name and provide design and colors.
2. You should have taken at least 12-18 pictures and edited some of them using various photography techniques. Four (4) of those images (see your Photography Field Assignment) should have been subjects and/or objects. These pictures should be used specifically for editing purposes.
3. You are to use your pictures from the Photography Field Assignment demonstrating Rule of Thirds and the various photo techniques plus the different editing features for the art show. Insert these pictures into PowerPoint showing off your photography skills. Place either 1 image per slide or 2 images per slide..For example:
    • On one slide show one picture of the same subject one with flash one without
    • On another slide use 1 image demonstrating a technique such as the portrait shot at eye level or the verticle image
    • View the examples found at the bottom of this page titled Example of a PowerPoint Art Show.
Keep in mind any image used regardless of editing techniques should be exported out of Picasa for a computer and the Internet. How to Export

4. Four (4) pictures of various subjects and/or objects you applied different editing techniques demonstrate these images. Use the original image and the edited image as a before and after selection. Two (2) images per slide: the before and then the after.
5. Demonstrate 1 black and white picture. This can be any of the pictures used.

6. Demonstrate 1 sepia tone picture. This can be any of the pictures used.

7. Demonstrate 1 collage.
8. Demonstrate 1 text image (book, poetry, lesson plan, etc...).
9. One movie created using Picasa. Upload your movie to your wiki page Digital Camera. If it is to big we will upload them to YouTube or Blip.TV so you can link it on your wiki page.

10. Use text boxes or word art for the captions to explain the shots taken and different editing techniques. Most art shows you will find caption(s) under each painting. Keep in mind font color and style.

11. Add music and transitions. Bring a favorite song to class along with earplugs. We will add music 12

12. Use design, colors, background, font style/size, to enhance your art show. Provide frames, caption, color, and other techniques to create an art show feel.

13. Create a Picasa Online web album using the Picasa Web Album feature. Embed the album as a slideshow on your Wiki page. Below is an example, click here for a tutorial How to Create an Online Web Album using Picasa
Movie 10
Picasa Web Album -10
PowerPoint Art Show with Edits - 30

Example of a PowerPoint Art Show