Assignments, Grades, and Points

dogate.jpgAssignments are usually due the night before class on the dates indicated on Canvas. Late assignments are subject to a penalty of 10% per calendar day. Exceptions are possible if you follow this guideline: notify the instructor before class on the due date of an assignment with a valid excuse to be granted an exception for a late assignment.

Excessive typographical and grammatical errors detract from your work and will be reflected in your grade. You are strongly encouraged to work with a classmate to critique and proofread one another’s assignments. Each of you is likely to submit better reflections and projects as a result of this process.

Written assignments should be submitted in APA Style (6th Edition). See
Note: academic tutoring is available for those who need additional help in understanding how to use APA format and write better papers.Go to call 863-8310 for help.

Lab Activities are due the day of class should you miss a day you have one week to submit your work (following class meeting). If you have difficulties in completing the Lab assignments and need assistance please contact me ( so we can meet. In-class assignments may not be made up.

Grading Scale

A 385-400
B+ 355-369
C+ 310-324
Lower grades available upon request
A- 370-384
B 340-354
C 295-309

B- 325-339
C- 280-294