childrecomputer.jpgThis is a lab-based course and you will spend time surfing the Internet, developing technology skills, participating in class discussions, developing projects for the classroom, and discovering new technological strategies for student learning. The best way to learn technology is by doing it; therefore, attendance at each class meeting is expected and required. Being a part of this class is important. Sharing your thoughts and reactions to readings, speakers, and general class discussions is helping you and your classmates understand technology. The input of each student is valued and valuable.
Note: If you are late during presentations, please remain outside until the person presenting is through or break.
Participation points are provided for those who become a part of the class community: contribute to class discussion, arrive to class on time, stay for the full class period, attend lab time, maintain computer etiquettes, etc… Remember class attendance is part of taking charge of your own education and it is what you would want from your own students.

Assignments, Grades, and Points
dogate.jpgAssignments are usually due the night before class on the dates indicated on Canvas. Late assignments are subject to a penalty of 10% per calendar day. Exceptions are possible if you follow this guideline: notify the instructor before class on the due date of an assignment with a valid excuse to be granted an exception for a late assignment.

Excessive typographical and grammatical errors detract from your work and will be reflected in your grade. You are strongly encouraged to work with a classmate to critique and proofread one another’s assignments. Each of you is likely to submit better reflections and projects as a result of this process.

Written assignments should be submitted in APA Style (6th Edition). See
Note: academic tutoring is available for those who need additional help in understanding how to use APA format and write better papers.Go to call 863-8310 for help.

Lab Activities are due the day of class should you miss a day you have one week to submit your work (following class meeting). If you have difficulties in completing the Lab assignments and need assistance please contact me ( so we can meet. In-class assignments may not be made up.