This is an introduction to the use of technology in educational settings. Instructional use of technology will be explored and tied to current theories of learning to help you make decisions about how to effectively integrate technology across the curriculum. Students will learn to use a variety of technological applications to support teaching and learning.

Course Objectives
During this course, each student will demonstrate their progress toward becoming proficient in these standards:
  • Use technology to facilitate experiences that advance learning, creativity, and innovation.
    • Demonstrate higher order thinking, problem solving and decision making skills, and develop innovative products using technology.
  • Use digital media environments to communicate and work collaboratively.
    • Effectively use technology tools and resources to evaluate student learning and to asses instructional practice.
    • Understand local and global societal issues and responsibilities in an evolving digital culture and exhibit legal and ethical behavior in professional practice
  • Select, evaluate and facilitate technologies to support all student learning
Accommodations and ADA
"Students who need accommodations because of a disability should contact the UVU Accessibility Services Department (ASD), located on the Orem Campus, in LC 312. To schedule an appointment, or speak with a counselor, call the ASD office at 801-863-8747, or for Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals, use the video phone number, 886-760-1819." The website for the Office of Accessibility is notify me if you have special needs that I can address in any way and I will make every effort to accommodate your special needs.

Materials required for this course should be brought to each class session: USB storage disk, a working UVID to log onto the Internet, Usernames/passwords necessary, access to comp
uters and/or laptops, and all curriculum materials needed.

During this course you will become a member of the K-12 Wikispaces. A requirement for this course is for you to develop your own Wikispaces On your Wikispaces you will upload all assignments and projects, provide reflections, and design it based on the elementary classroom curriculum. The class wikispaces will be linked in Canvas so you may have access to it.
What you will find on the class Wikispaces:
  • Course syllabus and information
  • Criteria for Projects and Assignments
  • Resources to use for projects and assignments
  • Link to Canvas

Canvas is used in this course you will receive all correspondence and communication regarding announcements, assignment links and grades. The Canvas web address take time to check the Canvas site often and especially before coming to class.
What you will find on Canvas:
  • Course syllabus, announcements
  • Assignment Links
  • Grades and Points