You will learn how to use the CultureGrams website, and be able to research information on another country. You will be asked to compile information regarding the country's size, population, art history, etc.
You and your group will find intriguing information about a country you had not previously been informed about. This will encourage you to look at the world from a global perspective. You will also practice effective research and information gathering, as well as writing skills.
Step 1

Individual work. Take notes on your own wiki page label it CultureGrams. Explore the CultureGrams website. Review some of the functions such as data tables, recipes, graphs, famous people, interviews currency, images and maps. In 2 paragraphs (be concise) tell us what you learned.

Then select 2 items to explain how they work (items selected should be a title). These 2 items selected must be different from what your team members have selected. So get together and talk.
Step 2

Individually select a country. Listen to music from one of the musicians, view a video, and artwork. Examine customs, people, background, society etc. Expalin on your wiki page what you found out.
Then as a team discuss your findings and thoughts.
As a team and on the team wiki page explain why we should examine art, literature, and music from artists outside of the United States (create a title from this question)? What value does world literature, music and art have for us (create another title from this question)?
Step 3

As a team select one of the countries you researched (the country name should be the title) Create a report about the country selected. Include information in the following categories: politics and government, general population and size, typical cuisine and food, common industries and exports, and arts. Add 2-3 images to support the information. You are more than welcome to add a video or interview too.