1. Understand many uses of the digital camera in the classroom.

2. Understand the basics of how digital cameras work.

3. Understand basic concepts for taking good pictures.

4. Understand what comprises a digital image and the different formats (e.g. gif, jpeg).

5. Be able to edit, enhance, and optimize images for print or web using Picasa.

6. Create a Digital Camera Project.

Part 1
Complete the Reading
Digital Camera Reading Assignment
For additional Resources go to Dr. Hudgins MyUEN

Part 2
Complete the Photography Field Assignment

Photography Field Assignment

Tips & Tricks

Part 3
Complete the following Editing techniques using Picasa. Click on the Using Picasa to Edit Pictures for directions.
Using Picasa to Edit Pictures

  • Before class (11-22-11) have all edit features completed, collage completed, and part of your movie.
  • Bring music to class to use in your movie.
  • In class (11-22-11) we will create an online photo album using Picasa
  • The edit feature requirements are found in the Using Picasa to Edit Pictures
  • Your digital camera reading is due by midnight 11-22-11
  • Text or email me if you need help.

Part 4
Complete the PowerPoint Art Show using images from the Photography Field Assignment. Go to the Art Show Criteria Page.
Add music and video in class. Upload video to your wiki page.
Upload video to Youtube use link if your movie is to big for your wiki page.
Presentation of Art Show.