1. Understand many uses of the digital camera in the classroom.foxy_cartoon_camera.gif
2. Understand the basics of how digital cameras work.
3. Understand basic concepts for taking good pictures.
4. Understand what comprises a digital image and the different formats (e.g. gif, jpeg).
5. Be able to edit, enhance, and optimize images for print or web using Picasa.
6. Create a Digital Camera Project.


There are 4 parts to the Digital Camera Project. For this project you will learn to use the digital camera, edit pictures, and create a photo album.

Part 1
Reading about the digital camera for the classroom and teacher and student use. Reading Assignment

Part 2
Photography Field Assignment. You will go out into the field (anywhere) and take pictures. Take a minimum of 18 shots covering various skills and techniques. You could use a theme when taking these pictures. For example a birthday party, hiking endeavor, weather, etc... be creative. You will show your pictures off in an art show.

Start with Part 2. You will need to take 18 pictures.

Click Photography Field Work to view what shots to take.

Part 3
You will edit the pictures using Picasa, create a movie and upload pictures to a web album.
Using Picasa to Edit Pictures Assignment

Part 4
You will create an art show of your pictures using PowerPoint. All techniques and edit features will be demonstrated in the PowerPoint Art Show. Art Show Using PowerPoint Assignment

Example Art Shows