1. Create an Interactive PowerPoint Lesson
  2. Presentation using PowerPoint
  3. Demonstrate skils using PowerPoint for a classroom setting

What to Do

  1. Review the Final Exam PowerPoint Project Requirement.
  2. You will develop a Power Point presentation ranging from 10-15+ slides.
  3. This project should be created so you may teach an educational lesson in your anticipated educational setting.
  4. Along with the interactive project you are to create an assignment/task students are to complete based on what they learned from the lesson.
  5. View the examples if you are in doubt you will find them at the bottom.
  6. Tuesday 12-6-11 is considered a lab day which is mandatory to attend.

  7. Final exam is on Thursday 12-15-11 at 1:00pm.

You are responsible for submitting the following items the day we present our project.
  • Presentation Set up as Kiosk full screen
  • Presentation to class or group
  • Three slide handout to instructor
  • Reflection covering PowerPoint and the lesson you created on your Wikispace page.

Take time to view the Seven Deadly Sins before you create your PowerPoint lesson