Home Page

1. View __Tabletalk__ to determine how a website is created and what it takes to create a website.
View the examples
__Mrs Embry__
__Mrs Dicken__
__Mrs Nelsons__
__Mrs Oakes__

2. A Class Website may include but not limited to: calendar of events, assignments, due dates, welcome message, contact information, classroom rules, procedures and/or announcement(s), documents, various resources, etc...

3. Be prepared to brainstorm some ideas

4. There should be images, websites (2-3), and one video that adds to the classroom environment.

5. Create a new pages for the following:
Parent Corner
Student Corner, Spot light or Birthday Club (select one to use)
Class rules and procedures
Calendar or list of activities and due dates

6. Once you have some information start building the home page.

7. Most important
  • Content
  • Images supporting information
  • Websites, video
  • Design