children2.jpgWelcome to EDEL 2200 Sec 03

I am excited to have you as students in our School of Eduction.
Our students have a great reputation among the school districts here in Utah County. I am excited to help you start your journey to becoming not only a teacher but a life long learner.

Part of your journey in becoming a teacher is to integrate technology in all you do as a teacher. The students you will be teaching have great access to technology especially in their social lives and in their homes. The generation of learners you will be teaching are consider the Millennials or digital natives.

In this course we will work to integrate technology into the content area and become familiar with technology tools that will help you in teaching the Millennial students. As future teachers you will be expected to use technology to help engage your own students.

Our first class meeting will consist of rules and procedures, answer basic questions regarding the syllabus, assignments and projects. You will be given a few assignments that is required to complete before our next technology class. I hope you enjoy the journey in this course in learning about technology.