Create a page on your Wikispaces and name it Internet Safety. Use the Horizontal Rule to separate each section below.
1. First, we need to understand why evaluating websites is so important. As teachers, we need to be sure the information we are presenting is accurate and appropriate for our students. Visit each of the following links to learn more about this topic.
Based on the articles and the discussion in class summarize why it is important to evaluate websites we use.
Explain what and who are Cyber Law Enforcement and what was the lesson Zack learned.
But I Found it on the Internet!
Teaching Zack to Think
Web Wise Kids
Cyber Law Enforcement

2. Next, take a look at systems others have used to evaluate websites. Review the criteria below discussed in the websites explain what is being used and what type questions are being asked. Add this information to your Wikispaces and call this section Website Evaluation Questions
ABC's of Website Evaluation
Authenticating Online Fact or Folly
Berkeley's Model
USM's Checklist
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
Safe Internet Surfing

Now create 6-8 questions you will ask yourself every time you visit a website and you want students to use. Add the questions to your Website Evaluation Questions section.

3. Evaluating websites we use is only one step in the process. We also have to make sure our students are safe online. Take a look at these online Internet Safety resources to learn how to keep your students and yourself safe! Summarize 5-6 things you learned and name this section Lessons Learned.
What are the risks?
Safety Tips
Real-life Stories
Cyber Pigs
Cyber Pigs 2

Play the games below (A, B, and C at the linked site). In another section named Safety Games post your score and time for each quiz and tell us your experience in playing the game. What did you learn? Then challenge a classmate or student to beat your times and scores.

In the same section titled Safety Games select a game you would have students play from the web site below, provide a description along with the game web site link and image icon.Explain why this game was selected. What drew you to this particular game.
Technology for Kids

4. After completing the above activities, the Internet may seem like a scary thing to use in education. Visit the following web sites and look at the titles of each of the links. The first few words in the titles are reasons why we should use the Internet in education (for example, real time data, teacher resources, etc.).
Six Compelling Reasons
On your wiki page called Internet Safety use another section title it Six Compelling Reasons answer the questions below based on the Six Compelling Reasons to use the Internet.

  • Why we should or should not use the Internet in education
  • Why we should evaluate the sites we use
  • Name at least 3 ways you can keep your students safe while surfing
  • Select one of the Six Compelling Reasons to use the Internet and link it under this section explain why it is your favorite.

Points 15

We will complete #5 and 6 in class after our discussion

5. Now, create a new wiki page to teach students about Internet Safety. Name this page Internet Awareness for Students.
The activity should include an introduction telling students what they will be doing (learning about Internet safety) and why.
  • 2-3 age-appropriate Internet safety websites for them to visit with 2-3 guiding questions for each website to help them focus on the information you want them to understand (use sites which are not on this page and are appropriate for younger children). Link or upload an activity for students to complete from NetSmartz Kids
  • Provide a conclusion that includes a project about Internet safety for students to complete, and a graphic. Don't forget eThemes is a great resource for websites.
  • Your wiki page will be used as an introduction to the school Internet Awareness night. You will create a newsletter for students to take home to their parents or guardians, a brochure to hand out the night of the Internet Awareness Meeting and a flyer to hang around the school.
  • You may use the information discussed in class, the reading or resources.
Points 10

We will complete 6 in class 11-1-11

6. We will create a newsletter, brochure and flyer using Publisher.

Points 25