Technology Beliefs Reflection Paper
Part 1
Out of Class Assignment Technology Beliefs Reflection Paper

Read one of the following articles as assigned in class:

__Programming the New Literacy__
__Digital Learners__
__Effects of Technology__
__Computers in Early Childhood Education__
__Technology as a Catalyst__
__Technology for Students with Disabilities__
__Rethinking Education__
__Schools Embrace the iPad__
__Kindergartners Explore Through Project Based Learning__
__iPads,iPods, and Smart Boards Make Learning Fun__
__Simulation Nation: The Promise of Virtual Learning Activities__
__From Curriculum to Communication__

After viewing the article answer the questions below based on what you learned. Come to our next class meeting having read the article along with a typed double-spaced paper.

1. Explain the main idea of the article.
2. Summarize the article and explain what you learned.
3. Explain what the author is discussing.
4. Discuss how what you read and understand fits with your own thinking about technology in the classroom and as a future teacher.
5. Provide 2 examples to support what you think about technology in the classroom and teaching based on your discussion in your paper. Copy/Past the example to your paper. This may be an image representation, website, or video (if a video provide the link as well).

Your paper should meet the following formatting requirements:

  • Two page,double spaced
  • 12-point font
  • Cover Page
  • Centered and bolded main title
  • Indented first line for each new paragraph

Bring a hard copy of this paper to class AND save a digital copy on your flash drive for later use.