Technology Beliefs Reflection Paper Discussion

Part 2

Team Assignments

Technology Beliefs Discussion
1. In your group you will need a team leader, writer, spokes person and cheerleader.
2. Each member of the team should summarize their article, the writer in each team should jot down notes (use a word processor) of the most pertinent facts.
3. After each teams discussion of the articles answer the 5 questions below. The writer should jot down all answers.
Questions to Answer:
a. Do you believe that computer technology should be used in the classroom? Why or why not?

b. What are the benefits of using computer technology in the classroom?

c. What are the drawbacks of using computer technology in the classroom?

d. What are the teams barriers to using technology in the classroom?

e. What are two goals that you could work toward this semester to overcome those barriers?

4. After the discussion of the articles and answers to the questions develop a 1-2 sentence summary of what was learned. The writer should write it out (use a word processor).
5. In conclusion, discuss as a team how this information fits with your own set of beliefs regarding technology in the classroom and for student learning. Then type a conclusion with what was discussed and decided upon.

Wiki Page Assignment
Your wiki should meet the following formatting requirements:
  • Name of each member in the group
  • Pertinent facts from teams discussion of all articles
  • Answers to the questions
  • 1-2 sentence summary covering what was learned
  • Conclusion how all what was discussed fits with the teams own set of beliefs using technology in the classroom and for student learning
What is due 9-6-11
1. Hard copy of Technololgy Beliefs paper covering article

Out of Class Assignment

What is Due 9-13-11
1. Sign up for Wikispaces. Go to
2. Team Writer saved a digital copy of Part 2 Technology Discussion we had in class on 9-6-11
We will do Wordle and learn about wikispaces in class on 9-13-11
How to: