Exporting your wiki to view offline
You have put a lot of work into that wiki. Why not take it with you?
  1. Make sure you’re logged in as the organizer of the wiki.
  2. Go to Manage Wiki.
  3. Scroll down to Tools and click Exports.
  4. Select the Content Type (HTML, wikitext, or PDF), and, if applicable, File Type (.zip or .tgz).
  5. Click Export Wiki.
  6. Wait. It may take a couple of minutes to process your export. You can either wait for it to run, or you can leave the page and go do something else — you’ll get a message (and, if your address is confirmed, an email) when the export is ready.
The Export Wiki page also keeps an archive of all the wiki exports you’ve processed, so you can save the export to your hard drive now or later or never. It’s up to you.
While you’re enjoying your summer vacation on a tropical beach without Internet access, you can still open up your wiki on your laptop, and look back at all the great work you’ve done.

To save individual pages of student work
external image summer3.png
Whether your students are compiling their online portfolios or just want a record of their work, it’s easy to export single pages from any wiki. You can do this for them, or give them these instructions and they can capture all the PDFs they want:
  1. Go to the wiki page you want to export. It doesn’t matter whether you’re logged in. As long as you can see the page, you can export a PDF.
  2. Roll over the down arrow on the Page tab.
  3. Select Download PDF from the dropdown list.