To become familiar with UEN K-12 and K-12 Student Resources.2. Understand the core curriculum for your chosen subject and grade area.


Create a wiki page and label it UEN K-12. On your UEN K-12 wiki page complete this assignment.
1. Go to K-12 Educator Resources2. Essential: Core Curriculum
  • Locate the core curriculum for the grade level and subject level you want to teach.
  • Choose a specific subject and learning objective from the core as the focus for your web page.

2. Include on your Page the following
  • On your wikispaces page labeled UEN K-12 explain the subject you selected and why. Use the Horizontal Rule to separate the information into sections. The horizontal rule is found next to the bullet icon when you have your page in the edit mode.
  • Complete the information below:

  1. Provide a description of the subject, standard(s), learning objective, and indicator(s). This may be a matter of copy/paste.
  2. Link to 2 UEN lesson plans and 2 lesson plans found on UEN K-12 under Links and Resources Lesson Plan database. Add a description of the lesson plans. Explain what the lesson is about, how it fits your subject and why you selected it.
  3. Link 2 interactive activities or games with instructions for students on what to do and how it supports what they will be learning from the subject selected. Add an image icon to support the activities or games. (Online Student Interactive games are found on UEN K-12 Student Center). There are other games and activities found on Thinkfinity, Themepark, etc...).
  4. Add at least 2 images from the Multimedia Resources for Teachers (found on UEN K-12 under Links and References). These images should support the subject and/or learning objective.
  5. For the brave in heart or for extra credit try adding an MP3 sound bite. Music is found in the same data base - Multimedia Resources for Teachers.
  6. Link 2 age-appropriate websites where students can find more information concerning the subject and/or learning object. Explain the websites and how students will use them. Several websites are found on the K-12 Student Center.
  7. Under K-12 Student Center go to the Learning Search area. Select 2-3 websites you would have students use that either supports the subject or you want students to use for other reasons. Explain why and how you would have them use the websites. Call the section Additional Resources.

3. All of your links and images should relate to the subject and learning objective you have chosen except for under Additional Resources the websites may support the subject or they may be of another subject.

4. ReflectionOn the same Page towards the bottom (don't forget to name it Reflection and use the horizontal rule). Answer the following questions with detailed answers.
1. What is UEN?
2. Why is it important and valuable?
3. How might a teacher and yourself use UEN (in addition to what you have modeled)?

Due 10-4-11