Part 1

Choose one of the following topics. Using Pioneer Online library use EBSCO to find 3 articles about your topic. Go to Part 2 for detailed instruction.
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Clickers (Classroom Response Systems)
  • Educational use of iTouch and iPads
  • Educational Use of Cell Phones
  • Assistive Technology Devices
  • Digital Divide
  • One-to-One Computing
  • WebQuests
  • Educational Electronic Portfolios
  • Digital Cameras, Video or Webcam
  • Video Conferencing
  • Google for Educators
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Web 2.0 Applications
  • Online Testing
  • Wikis and Wikipedia
  • Social Media in Education (FaceBook, MySpace)

Another topic of your choice, may be selected with instructor approval

Part 2

Locate 3 journal articles using Pioneer Online EBSCO database to research your chosen topic.
Create a Glogster naming it after your chosen technology tool topic. For example if I selected Digital Cameras my Glog would be be named Digital Cameras.

What to Glog about:
1. Join Glogster Glogster
2. Watch the Glogster tutorial video. Take time to surf and play with Glogster, once you feel comfortable create your Glog about the technology tool.
3. Provide a summary covering all 3 of the articles.
4. Based on what you read explain what you learned.
5. Explain how the technology tool was used in the classroom.
6. Explain how the technology tool was used for student learning and/or instruction.
7. Use the various tools found in Glogster:
  • Provide 2-3 images, 2-3 web sites, main headings using the different text graphics provided by Glogster, use music, a link to a video supporting your topic. Be creative with the design and layout. Your Glog should be informative and creative.
  • When you are finished Publish your Glog to your wikispaces and submit your wiki Glogster page URL to canvas.
  • To add your Glogster to your wiki page: create a new wiki page name it Glogster, click on edit, click on the Widget icon up on the tool bar, scroll down to Poster click it, click on Glogster sign in and add your Glog.
8. In class on the 18th we will muddle around and look at your Glogs.

Example of a Glogster
Example 2 of a Glogster

Due 10-18-11