Understanding Wikis and Wikispaces


Use Web 2.0 tools to promote teacher-student and teacher-parent communication.

Understand how wikispaces supports technology for communication.

Directions: For this assignment you will be placed in groups of 3-4. Once in a group select a team leader. The team leader will invite the group into their Wikispaces. Then each member of the team will contribute to learning about wikis. Groups will be assigned in class.

The team leader will create a wiki page for the team and call the page Learning about Wikispaces. Then invite each member of the team into the wiki. Be sure to place all team members name at the top of the page.
All group members should contribute to answering the questions below. This project is for each person to respond and answer to the questions as a team.

Read Wikis used for Communication Technology. Answer the questions below: All answers should be submitted on the team leaders wiki page. Questions1. Each member of the group is to write a sentence summary of what they learned from the reading. Each sentence summary should be different from what the other members of the group have written.
2. From the sentence summary the group is to write a paragraph.

Explore the following wikis using either Wikipedia or Google then answer the questions found below.
  • PmWiki
  • Media Wiki
  • Instiki
  • WetPaint
  • PBwiki (Peanut Butter Wiki)
  • Wikispaces

Based on your surfing of the above wikis answer the following questions
  1. Describe the elements of the wiki.
  2. What did you like about the different wikis?
  3. What are the pros and cons associated with the different wikis you explored.
  4. Describe what it takes to manage a wiki.
  5. What do you think about wikis for student use. Provide 2 -3 examples how students would use wikis for learning.
  6. Explain how educators could use wikis in a classroom. Provide 2-3 examples.
  7. Examine the examples of different educators wikis (below). Post the best one and explain why it was the best one. If the team decides none are the best then go out into the web world and find one you all agree on that is best and explain why. All members of the group must decide and agree.
__Best Educational Wikis__
__Educational Wikis__
__Mrs. Maine__
__WikiWiki Teaching__